About us

ForumPhyto is a non-profit association of farmers and farmers organisations who work together for the development of proud, responsible and sustainable plant protection on fruit, vegetables and potatoes.

ForumPhyto is :

  • A unique resource center, permanently updated, on plant protection matter. Mainly suited for professionals, this informative portal also may be used by everybody. Via “pour débuter” items on each theme, it offers a view on the main issues and stakes about plant protection matter. All the aspects of plant protection are approached in a simple, clear and objective way.
  • A tool for information exchange and awareness on plant protection stakes, dedicated to food and agriculture managers. Thanks to its expertise and to its French and European collaborations, ForumPhyto contributes to make debates and arguments clearer and more rational / consistent. In addition, ForumPhyto works to make concrete answers coming up for growers (unprovided uses issue).

More than 25 economic organisations are members : Growers organisations (mainly association of cooperatives) and associate members. The Growers organisations which are members represent the main part of the french organised fruit & vegetables production.
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For a proud, responsible and sustainable plant protection

Since the neolithic age, growers have protected their crops against insects and fungi, in order to feed humans. Modern means include synthetic plant protection products (usually named pesticides), but also a lot of other methods : choosing varieties, rotation of crops, soil cultivation methods,…


ForumPhyto works for a plant protection to be :

  • Proud : Plant protection is a sensitive issue. The ForumPhyto’s aim is to make it the most transparent possible: Plant protection is useful for food security and safety, for citizens and consumers needs.  ForumPhyto aims to give arguments, thoughts, rationale to growers. They should be able to explain plant protection as a part of their regular job and to fully understand, and then explain, the issues which are at stake: regulation, environment, health, community…
  • Responsible : Plant protection is a whole, including agronomic, mechanic, biologic, etc.  means, and Plant Protection Products (PPPs). Providing growers must buy PPPs, providing growers could be endangered in case of misuse, ForumPhyto aims to improve awareness on Good Practices. It leads growers to use PPPs in a resaonable way: right time, right dose, right product, in good conditions and only when needed.
  • Sustainable: ForumPhyto works on plant protectio issue in a whole and at long term. Plant protection should contribute to ensure an income for growers, enough food,  safe food, good and not too expensive… And, the last but not the least, Good practices help to minimize environmental impact of plant protection and agriculture.