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  • Philippe Binard: 30 years serving the European Fruit and Vegetables chain

    20 Jun 2017

    The 20th of June 2017 Freshfel AGM celebrated the 30 year work anniversary of Philippe Binard, General Delegate. He has been given a congratulation book with a lot of pictures and testimonies. Quite emotional.

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  • To smile: For a full DHMO ban

    27 Mar 2017

    DHMO has already been a matter of campaigns, at little scale. We’ve already reported them here and here. Now the Association for DHMO Ban has launched a petition on DHMO, DiHydrogen MonOxide is a colorless and odorless chemical compound. It’s used as solvant, dilutant and coolant. It could be found in biopsies of pre-cancerous tumors and lesions. It…

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  • 17 Questions (and Answers) About Glyphosate (Thoughtscapism)

    13 Sep 2016

    That’s the title of this article (in English) : detailed, a bit long, but very clear. It’s on Thouhtscapism, a blog on science, creativity, environment, health, fiction by Iida Ruishalme, biologist. Here is the presentation by The Risk Monger on his blog: “It is a bit long but answers, very clearly and patiently, every question anyone with concerns about…

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  • 99.99% of the pesticides we eat are… natural

    20 Jul 2016

    In “Myth busting: Are synthetic pesticides, used with some GMOs, more dangerous than natural ones?“, on  Genetic Literacy, L Katiraee reminds us the Bruce Ames works in a clear and interesting way. …

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  • To smile and think: Is glyphosate drinkable?

    23 Jun 2016

    It’s a “Stuicide”. In this vidéo, a “stupid” guy drinks Glyphosate to show that it is non-toxic to humans at realistic concentrations. And in fact it’s not that stupid. Don’t do that at home. But watch the video before making your mind.

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  • “Amish use GMOs, pesticides yet cancer rates remain very low”

    24 May 2016

    The Amish, an insular people in the United States for nearly 200 years, avoid modern technologies such as telephones, automobile, and even zippers. Many people think the Amish must also eschew genetically modified crops and pesticides. In addition, Amish are healthier than the rest of the US population. Their cancer rates are very low. So the anti-pesticides and anti-GMO…

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  • Food risks : John Oliver mocks misleading science with Todd Talks

    10 May 2016

    Most eat-this-don’t-eat-that studies are garbage, in the way that garbage could become a Dr. Oz endorsed superfood with a scientific study designed to generate the desired answer. John Oliver agrees on a sarcastic, hilarious AND serious talk-show on HBO. Barfblog, a reference blog in food safety, publishes a good written summary. It concludes “That’s where his idea for Todd…

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  • A new style for ForumPhyto

    27 Apr 2016

    Our site appearance is changing, with 3 main objectives: – A clearer and more readable display – A more simple display for mobile terminals (smartphones and tablets) – In consequence, a better indexing on search engines Notinhing else has changed : every former address is still functional. Your remarks are welcome.

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