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Intech-open : a free scientific library on line

06 Jan 2012

“Read, download & share more than 850 FREE SCIENTIFIC BOOKS. It’s free for everyone, anywhere in the world” That is the brief introduction sentence of the Intech-open Website : a very useful source of information.

Some interesting examples on plant protection, agriculture, …:

Crop production technologies (in English)

Organic Food and Agriculture – New Trends and Developments in the Social Sciences (in English)

Insecticides – Advances in Integrated Pest Management (in English)

Herbicides – Mechanisms and Mode of Action (in English)

Fungicides – Beneficial and Harmful Aspects (in English)

Phytochemicals – Bioactivities and Impact on Health (in English)

Pesticides in the Modern World – Trends in Pesticides Analysis (in English)

Pesticides in the Modern World – Risks and Benefits (in English)

Démarches d’évaluation des risques relatifs aux contaminants alimentaires cancérogènes (article, en français)