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GMO ban: Risks for science-based assessments

05 Jul 2012

French President François Hollande will face judicial problems over the ban on the cultivation of genetically modified plants, and this has weakened science-based risk assessment in the EU by EFSA and others Safety Agencies. It leads confusion in general public, argue Marcel Kuntz, John Davison and Agnès E. Ricroch.

Stephane Le Foll, French Ministry of Agriculture, is doing the same with the justification of banning the insecticide Cruiser OSR (used for the coating of oilseed rape seeds) because of an alleged impact on honeybees (rejected by EFSA and ANSES).

Read the whole story on Euractiv, mainly focused on GMO, but with a peinent view in regard to relationship between science and politics, including for the Plant Protection issue.