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To smile : “Farmer style (Gangnam style parody)”

06 Dec 2012

« Farmer style » is a video clip by young US farmers (Kansas) proud of their job.

Lyrics are available on the video page. Extracts :

“We are the Peterson Farm Bros, and we’re farming and we grow it
We love agriculture, and we want the world to know it
Farming is a way of life with many different flavors
Being stewards of the gifts God gave us

Out here on the farm,
We’re running green John Deere Tractors
Out here on the farm,
We work in many weather factors
Out here on the farm,
We’re working hard to raise your food
Out here on the farm. On the family farm.

Agriculture, is so important to me, (and should be to you) HAY!
It feeds the world and will never ever cease to be, We need to eat!
We all need farmers to provide us with our food, food, food, food!”


We already mentionned “I’m farming and I grow it!”, a former lipdub by The Peterson Farm Bros.

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Let’s to the public : “Farmers are real humans” !