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“The impact of losing plant protection products on UK food production”

23 Dec 2014

The NFU (National Farmers Union) has released « Healthy Harvest », a public friendly document based on a full report on “The Effect of the Loss of Plant Protection Products on UK Agriculture and Horticulture and the Wider Economy”

Over-regulation, both at an EU and UK level, severely hampers our ability to provide the raw ingredients for the food and drink we consume. The overly precautionary EU regulation of pesticides used by farmers and growers in crop production is a very good case in point. Since 2001 UK farmers have lost more than half of the active substances formerly approved for use in the EU.

In the document, could be found : summary, graphics, key figures, and also:

Asks of the NFU inEurope and in UK
How the industry is playing its part: Good PLant Protection practices
Growers testimonies

For example:
A carrot and potatoe grower explaining the importance of controlling soil nematods.
A green pea grower explaining his concerns about the lack of an efficient herbicide and the importance of having efficient fungicides and insecticides : “Shoppers do not like finding caterpillars in their bag of frozen pea”.
A apple and hops grower telling how important is it to control apple scab.