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Non-regulatory requirements from supermarkets issue (Fruit Logistica)

28 Jan 2015

Upon the consensual title “Challenges in production and marketing for stonefruit and other fresh produce“, FruchtHandel Magazine organizes a panel in the frame of Fruit Logistica on Thursday 5 February 2015 from 16h30 to 17h30, Hall Forum, Kleiner Stern.

“Healthy food is a paramount request from consumers. It includes food safety and sustainable development. When speaking of natural products like fruit and vegetables, growing a safe  and environment friendly food is a huge challenge when bad weather conditions.”

For example in 2014 for stone fruit, in certain periods, it was nearly impossible to comply with the requirement from some german supermarkets of a maximum number of residues
This kind of request is not science based and, in some cases, is a threat to the respect of environment and good agriculture practices, especially in order to avoid pest resistances.
This situation is very difficult especially for fruit and vegetable growers who face the “minor uses” concern : they already lack regulatory solutions to protect their crops.

The panel will also address these issues for all fresh crops.

The panelists :
Luc Peeters, chairman of the Copa-Cogeca phytosanitary group
Manel Simon, Afrucat marketing manager
Marco Salvi, director of Salvi UNACOA and chairman of the association Fruitimprese