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“Almond growers plant wildflowers to help bees” (The Modesto Bee)

09 Mar 2015

Under this title, The Modesto Bee, a California newspaper, writes about the action of Project Apis m (in English), a non-profit association of growers, beekeepers and scientists which “funds and directs research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bee colonies while improving crop production”.

“Researchers say the causes could include diseases, parasites, trucking stress, pesticides or poor nutrition where drought has reduced flowering plants. Even when rain is abundant, winter does not provide much food.” So the association proposes seeds of mix plants to be sowed in the orchards : “The mix includes a few varieties of mustard, which put out yellow flowers before the almond bloom, and clover, which bear red, white or purple flowers afterward.” Bees can also find water in the orchard. So it’s exactly what bees need : “This is a bee spa.”

In addition the mustard and clover protect the ground from erosion and take up nitrate from fertilizer, reducing the risk of tainted groundwater.

A positive way to enhance the collaboration between growers and beekeepers.