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Biocontrol for Fruit and vegetables in Africa-Caribbean-Pacific

07 Jul 2015


COLEACP-PIP is an initiative for the search of Plant Protection solutions for ACP (Africa-Caribbean-Pacific) countries .

In this article (in English), COLEACP, which pilot this initiative, explains the work in progress for a better knowledge of biocontrol solutions.

COLEACP notes : « Minor crops (including fruit, vegetables, and herbs) face a global shortage of plant protection products PPPs).  The lack of registered PPPs on horticultural crops is in some areas threatening yields and product quality, increasing the risk of resistance and illegal uses, and compromising the competitiveness and sustainability of the sector.  On top of this, export horticulture faces increasingly stringent demands from global buyers for food that is of high quality, meets strict product specifications, low (and decreasing) maximum residue limits, as well as evidence of environmentally sound and sustainable production practices.. »

This situation will surely remind something to european growers : Despite a bigger development of biocontrol in Europe, the minor uses issue is, in fact,  a major concern for fruit and vegetables growers…