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Plant protection (a serie of articles by CulturAgriculture)

12 Aug 2015

Christophe Bouchet, CulturAgriculture blog, has begun a serie of articles about plant protection and plant protection products. The three first articles are worth reading…

– “What is a pesticide?” (en français, in English, en español), dedicated to definition and utility of pesticides.

– “Reminder” (en français, in English, en español), utile rappel historique.

– “Herbicides, what for ?” (en français, in English, en español), with a lot of details about the roles of herbicides.

As an illustration of his writings, his conclusion about herbicides is:
Good use of herbicides significantly brings more advantages than disadvantages.
The overall environmental impact of their use is very positive if the application is carried out with the right products, the necessary and sufficient dose at the right time and with equipment in good condition and properly adjusted.
You could say that, currently, herbicides are a necessary evil in agriculture. It is likely that this situation continues long. Which probably change is the type of products that will be used in the future and their environmental impact.
Herbicides are necessary for humanity. They are one of the tools available to agriculture to increase food production to meet the needs of a global population steadily increasing.
Let us develop them and use them in a precise and reasoned manner. We get all the benefits they can bring us, minimizing their disadvantages.”
Not a word to be changed…