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European Union: Are NGOs really independant?

18 Aug 2015

LogoDrapeauUE In 2015, in the frame of the LIFE program, the EU 24 environmental & climate NGOs with €9 million funding.

The EU has published a article summarizing these fundings and a complete report with details for each organization and each action

For example, about « pesticides », Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN Europe), receive 150K€ for a work program detailed in five strategic priorities:
– pesticide-free towns;
– reducing the use of pesticides in agriculture;
– restoration (biodiversity and water quality);
– maximum residue levels, combination toxicity and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP);
-green growth in the agricultural sector
These priorities mean these expected outcomes: “Participation in five EU public consultations”, “20 letters sent to the European Commission”, “200 testimonies from individuals concerned about victims of pesticides or from the victims themselves”, “500 local awareness rising events”, …

EU supporting citizens statements, and, why not, minority groups on general issues is understandable. But EU fund also NGOs which directly interfere with the EFSA expertise and/or the UE regulatory process.

The most caricatural example is given in the article summarizing the fundings which states: “In the past, this funding has supported successful campaigns to ban the use of the neonicotinoids, an insecticide that adversely affects bees, and lobbying efforts to end fossil fuel subsidies.”

In “EU: “Transparency – Stop the Good Lobby / Bad Lobby Nonsense”“, we had mentioned the David Zaruk, The Risk Monger, article which demonstrates the unhealthy practises of subsidizing “good” lobbyists.

So, NGOs : “independant” ????