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17 Questions (and Answers) About Glyphosate (Thoughtscapism)

13 Sep 2016

That’s the title of this article (in English) : detailed, a bit long, but very clear. It’s on Thouhtscapism, a blog on science, creativity, environment, health, fiction by Iida Ruishalme, biologist.

Here is the presentation by The Risk Monger on his blog:
“It is a bit long but answers, very clearly and patiently, every question anyone with concerns about the continued use of this herbicide might have. If you are a journalist, please read this. If you are a policy-maker, please read this. If you are going to share an anti-GMO or anti-conventional farming meme, please read this. If you are going to the Monsanto Tribunal next month, … please learn to read!
Worth reading.

Her 17 questions:

  1. Does glyphosate cause cancer?
  2. Could glyphosate have other health effects? What about the surfactants in RoundUp, or glyphosate breakdown products?
  3. What about studies claiming glyphosate causes celiac disease, autism, obesity etc? A look at Seneff et co.
  4. Does glyphosate harm our gut bacteria?
  5. Could glyphosate be another case like DDT or Thalidomide – should we apply the precautionary principle? The important difference between persistent and non-persistent pesticides
  6. Is glyphosate an especially dangerous pesticide?
  7. Is there glyphosate in the air and rainwater?
  8. Is there glyphosate in urine?
  9. What about breastmilk?
  10. Should we worry about glyphosate in wine?
  11. Is wheat toxic because of glyphosate?
  12. Are crops drenched in glyphosate?
  13. Does glyphosate use enable bad farming practices?
  14. What about resistance and superweeds?
  15. Does glyphosate interfere with soil organisms or nutrient availability?
  16. Does glyphosate harm Monarch butterflies or bees?
  17. Can glyphosate research be trusted? What about conflicts of interest?