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Special InfoFlash for English Readers

16 Jan 2012

(Ce numéro spécial n’apportera rien de particulier aux lecteurs francophones)


ForumPhyto is a non-profit association of farmers and farmers organisations who work together for the development of proud, responsible and sustainable plant protection on fruit, vegetables and potatoes.

From today, ForumPhyto will provide some more information in English. We will try to make you informed of any additionnal information in English via some occasional InfoFlash for English Readers.

English Readers : If you’d like to be subscribed to ForumPhyto for English Readers, please let us know : Use Contact form : http://www.forumphyto.fr/contact/
Then enter your surname, forename, email and Yes in your message.


IMPORTANT TIP for English readers:

Most ForumPhyto Website articles are in French. Very few of them are in English.
Nevertheless, a lot of docs and links are in English.
To find them in a page: type <Ctrl> + F, and then enter “English”
To find them in the whole Website: use the “rechercher” box (at the top right), and enter “English”



Access to the ForumPhyto Internet site:




Some recent news in English:

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Thanks, Jesus, for this food. De nada.