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12 reasons to not use the “dirty dozen” list (Safe Fruits and Veggies, USA)

26 Jul 2012

The fear of pesticides residues is an usual misconception at a global level. In USA, EWG, a scaremongering NGO campaigns a “dirty dozen list”. They try to make consumers to avoid 12 fruits or vegetables, which are supposed to be “dirty” and dangerous to eat.
Alliance for Food and farming, an US fruit and vegetables growers, conventionnal and organic, non-profit association has developed, an Internet site with clear, simple and sound (science based) facts.


Their main catchword : “A dozen reasons to NOT use the “dirty dozen” list”. These reasons include facts and anlayses from college scientists, govenmental sources, journalists, etc.

The site is well illustrated and user friendly.

Nevertheless, it makes basic documents, based on sound science available. For example :
Perspective on pesticides residues in fruits and vegetables
A review of the Science on the potential Health Effects of pesticide residues on Food and related Statements Made by Interest Groups
, which shows how the “dirty dozen” may jeopardize the efforts of Science and Authorities for a better diet and could be a threat for public health.


In addition, the site proposes  links towards official sites, news blog, etc.

In short : worth to be visited

Nota Bene : we’d already mentionned this site in 2010 in LesInfos1019 (in French)