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07 Aug 2012

– Controlling Tuta Absoluta at a global level (FAO/EPPO…)

– 12 reasons to not use the “dirty dozen” list (Safe Fruits and Veggies, USA)

– FAO/UN and plant protection

– Nailing the snail

– To smile : I’m farming and I grow it (Video clip)



Controlling Tuta Absoluta at a global level (FAO/EPPO…)

All the presentations that were made during the november 2011 Symposium in Morocco; and associated links.Tuta Absoluta is a major pest of solanaceum crops.       EPPO (European and Mediterranean plant Protection Organization) has published all the documents issued during this very important joint symposium at a global level. Distribution, bio-ecology and damage of Tuta absoluta Current…

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12 reasons to not use the “dirty dozen” list (Safe Fruits and Veggies, USA)

The fear of pesticides residues is an usual misconception at a global level. In USA, EWG, a scaremongering NGO campaigns a “dirty dozen list”. They try to make consumers to avoid 12 fruits or vegetables, which are supposed to be “dirty” and dangerous to eat. Alliance for Food and farming, an US fruit and vegetables growers, conventionnal and organic,…

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FAO/UN and plant protection

FAO, United Nations Organisation for Food and Agriculture, publishes a number of basic and sound documents on its Internet site about farming and Integrated Pest Management of crops : directives, guidelines, tools, etc. Read http://www.fao.org/agriculture/crops/themes-principaux/theme/pests/fr/   Some of them are of special interest : – Pages on Integrated Pest Management : definitions, role for risk reduction, links. – Link towards IPPC pages (International Plant Protection Convention) and pages of Rotterdam Convention (in English). IPPC aims to protect cultivated and wild plants by preventing the introduction and spread of pests at global level. The Rotterdam Convention promotes shared responsibility…

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Nailing the snail

“Nailing the snail” is a video interview of Dr Gavin Ash, Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga (Australia) explaining his research about nematodes to control invasive snails in large part of the grain belt in Western Australia. To go further, watch IBMA Leaflet (International Biocontrol manufacturers Association) on macro-organisms in « Fiches Protection Intégrée (IPM) d’IBMA » on ForumPhyto site…

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To smile : I’m farming and I grow it (Video clip)

« I’m farming and I grow it » (in English), is a video clip from young US farmers (Kansas) proud of their job.fiers de leur métier.   Lyrics are available on the video page. Extracts : When I’m up at seven, the sunrise gives me a glimpse of heaven (…) I got passion for my plants and I ain’t afraid to…

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